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Laser tag, Burning Man and a trip to space sure are fun. But what’s more engaging than an honest conversation? With that in mind, meet our main course: get real Instagram comments, by active users worldwide, and drive engagement with your music profiles through the roof 🏚🚀 

(Note: you can split some of these packages across different Instagram photos).

“How to buy Instagram comments?”

Ah, now we’re asking the right question.

A question few music promotion services can answer with “HERE,” because they lack the scale to deliver real, quality comments on your Insta profiles.

Well, we can. So we’ll do it here and now:

Buy your Instagram comments RIGHT HERE, on the best music promotion service since Maria Callas’ manager and first husband.

Here’s all you need to know about buying (real) Instagram comments to next-level your music marketing.


Buying Instagram comments: how it works

If you’re a DJ, band, singer/musician, or podcast publisher, you know how much Instagram comments matter for your social media promotion.

Heck, I bet you’ve stalked heaps of celebs, influencers or record labels hoping to pry open their social media promo wizardry.

If so, you may have seen Instagram photos with hundreds of likes, but few to zero comments...

… Mmm, something fishy this way comes!

To avoid that, you should always buy real Instagram comments, and this page is where you get at it. These Instagram comments come from our thousands of promo partners Instagrammers, who specialize in next-level music marketing, which ensures they:

  • boost your Insta pictures with some REAL, magnetic engagement
  • create social proof (a.k.a. “monkey see, monkey do) to boost new organic comments by random users
  • jumpstart organic promotion for your song, album, EP or podcast – for the win!

In other words, the real deal – as easy as cake.


Get comments on Instagram. Rock on. Repeat.

When you have a track, song, EP, album or podcast to promote, getting people to comment on your Instagram can be EXHAUSTING. You need to:

  • Create your art in the first place
  • Come up with cool Instagram photos, descriptions, and music-related hashtag 
  • Get Instagram comments by engaging with people daily
  • Waste DAYS just to keep the flame alive! 🔥

Instead, when you buy real Instagram comments from a legit professional service like ours, you get all that in minutes… plus you get killer Instagram comments that’ll be sure to max out engagement.

Nice, huh? Getting comments for Instagram has never been this easy:

  1. Choose your pack and buy our real Instagram comments 
  2. Send us your profile & preference at checkout (takes a minute)
  3. Sit back as you get quality real Instagram comments
  4. Repeat for extra engagement and quicker organic promotion

Uh la la. And it all works just as advertised: easy, stress-free, and yet, legit, safe, and of course, crazy efficient.


Get real comments on Instagram today

Ultimately, how to buy Instagram comments comes down to finding the best LEGIT and legal company that specializes in paid promo for music and EDM.

And of course, the secret is to buy Instagram comments that are real, and ideally come from active users interested and experienced in all things music (you know, instead of spamming your Insta profile with more fakery than your Nigerian prince relative’s daily emails).

All clear, all good. 

Now, buy the real Instagram comments on this page today – easy, peasy and 🍋 squeezy.

To your success! 🥂

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