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Promo packages for rappers! We’ll help you to deliver your music to streaming platforms and advanced hip-hop music blogs. We’re focused on building an effective promotion strategy for artists and creating a successful brand. No fakes, no dirty trick, no bullsh.t!

Mic-dropping hip hop promotion services

Well homie, you got it.

The most complete hip hop music promotion services in da hood.

To cut straight to the chase, here’s a rundown of how you can promote your hip hop music in here.

Keep reading below for more info, or just hit the promo packages to start shooting your rhymes to the stars baby!


✅ Hip hop Spotify playlist placement

Your song or beat featured on popular (50k+ listeners) Spotify playlists specialized in Hip-Hop, Rap or RnB. Just rap out the word, and we’re on it.

We work with the best hip hop playlist curators and guarantee not only delivery, but also the avg. number of streams (read: royalties) you get with this hip hop Spotify playlist placement service.

✅ Top 1-50 placement on hip hop playlists

Not only can we get you featured: we can get your song to the TOP of popular hip hop playlists.

Packages vary in price based on how high up you want to hop, and the duration of your hip hop promo.

✅ Push your music to leading hip hop blogs

Why not promote straight with the pros? Just like on our other wildly popular blog push services, here we can get your music featured on dozens of the best hip hop, rap and RnB blogs out there.

When you get our hip hop promotion services, acceptance is guaranteed, and oftentimes, you also get your music reposted on the blogs’ LIT 🔥Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud and other profiles.

✅ Get direct hip hop blog contacts

These wouldn’t be the best, most effective hip hop promotion services if they lacked a certain DIY. Go it alone by buying direct email (and other) contacts for the best hip hop blogs and music industry contacts.

It takes a few clicks, and we can still help you push your music right with our other hip hop music promotion services.


Worldstar Hip Hop promotion & submission

There’s hardly a single MC who never wondered how much does it cost to post on Worldstar, or how WorldstarHipHop submissions work.

Well, Worldstar usually has a high threshold for submission – they want you to have buzz, followers and a somewhat established hip hop career to accept your video.

Lacking that, the other option is to pay them directly, which can even cost $1k.

While we offer Worldstar hip hop placement services (custom, so best to contact us beforehand), we’d usually recommend you use our other hip hop promotion services to build a solid following and buzz first, and then hit Worldstar Hip Hop’s free submission service with everything you got!

Contact us for more info.


Promote your hip hop music with the pros

A’righty then. Lots of questions, lots of hood-shattering hip hop services to review.

If you were looking for the TL;DR, here it is: from killer hip hop playlists to direct interaction with the best hip hop, rap and RnB blogs and bloggers, we can get your rhymes up high – the best, most efficient way. (Yes, even Worldstar Hip Hop promotion).

Of course, all our promotion methods are legal, legit, effective, so your hip hop career is in safe hands.

Get ready to drop your mic as your songs, rhymes, albums and beats get discovered by a horde of raving fans. You’re welcome!