Buy Deezer Playlist Placement

One song ᐅ х 1 Deezer playlists. Get 1-2k streams at the end of the promo. 


One song ᐅ х 2 Deezer playlists. Get 2-4k streams at the end of the promo. 


One song ᐅ х 3 Deezer playlists. Get 3-6k streams at the end of the promo. 


One song ᐅ х 4 Deezer playlists. Get 4-8k streams at the end of the promo. 


One song ᐅ х 5 Deezer playlists. Get 5-10k streams at the end of the promo. 


One song ᐅ х 10 Deezer playlists. Get 10-20k streams at the end of the promo. 


Would you like to follow your dreams? Do you have courage and faith in your success? Deezer - all you need for fame. Get ready to change your career with playlists. Look at tariffs below, choose your playlists, and conquer the wave of success! 

Music, music, music. That’s the blood of the humanity. Music brings us joy, creates our mood, gives us passion and energy for the actions. And you can be the one, doing it all for many people. People will love you, shape you into something gaudy, pray to you. Well, maybe not exactly that will happen, but you will definitely be loved. 

As you could guess, this article is about music promotion. Promotion for musicians. And since you are one of them (if not, what are you doing here?), it will be useful for you to read about Deezer playlist promotion, promotion procedure itself, and possible outcomes. Ready? Let’s roll!

What is Deezer playlist promotion?

What is promotion? Promotion is attracting new traffic to your profile, generating plays, followers, likes. On any music streaming service it is possible to make promotion, and every artist should know about this effective and legal way of speeding up your career. Deezer is no different in this from other services, and in addition to big user base it gives high royalties, and unusual coverage. 

Promotion has the main goal of attracting attention to certain tracks, singles, albums, etc. It starts from Deezer playlist submission. But we will get to that later. Promotion can be done in many ways, such as:

  • blogs
  • ads
  • partnerships
  • recommendations

However, the one unmentioned method is playlist promotion on Deezer. Playlists are a powerful instrument, capable of elevating of the musician straight to the top. Bet you never thought that people like to find new music through playlists. Playlists are an endless source of new music, new material, new emotions.

How to promote through Deezer playlists?

As we already said, it all starts from Deezer playlist submission. After you choose the song to be promoted, it gets to preferred playlist. All these playlists have Deezer playlist curators. These people are true music lovers that are passionate about what they are doing. Here’s what they do: they choose the songs that will be the best neighbors to your track. After that, playlist updates and people start listening to it. They like your track, they add it to their library, share it with friends, etc. That’s how promotion works, ladies.

This way of promotion is safe, effective, organic. Legal promotion is the only thing after talent, needed to become successful. Because success is everything for a musician. I think you got our point, right?

Time for conclusion?

What to say at the end? Oh, yes. We promised to tell about outcomes. Okay. Your future after promotion looks like this: music producer hears your song, he likes it, and sends you a contract to sign. You sign it and the next day you wake up popular, with crowds of fans under your window. Want it? Get it!

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