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Attention! Fame train is arriving! Get ready to claim your success! Everything you have ever dreamt of will be possible with Tidal plays. Your career depends on your actions, and you are the only person who can make yourself a star! If you are ready to change your life once and for all, scroll further, check your options, select the amount, and start gaining your success. Go on, kid!

Do you hear this sound? So pleasing sound, it fills your heart with joy, and brain with excitement. You can’t stop listening to it, and you want to hear it every day, every minute, every second. What is this? Are you some kind of zombie? You could’ve thought this, especially because you read about the brain. No, no zombies. This music, it is greater than any music in the world. Oh, you may have thought that we are talking about your track, right? It’s money. Sound of coins, papers, cash, dinero, so many names to it. And the sound they make when they are being added to your bank account, this notification sound, that’s great. If you like such sounds, and you are a musician, you can make your phone play this music all day long. All you need to do is to purchase Tidal plays. Plays are the instrument you need. Let’s talk about in detail!

Why plays?

Plays are one of the key identifiers of popularity. When the song is played many times it is popular. Simple logic. The most effective promotion is possible when all parameters are promoted. Such parameters are: plays, followers, likes, shares. However, even plays will be enough for sufficient effect. If your song have many plays, the system will place it into popular playlist, and it surely will be played in a shopping mall, in a gym, in the cafe or restaurant. Tidal has much wider coverage than you think, and other musicians already understood this. They are using Tidal to get popularity, high royalties, and loyal fans. And you need to do it too!

Paying for Tidal plays – how safe is that?

Good news for you – safe and effective. Everyone does the promotion, every popular musician pays for plays, followers. No matter what music streaming service they use, they all pay for plays. They promote Tidal plays, followers, etc. A few decades ago, no one thought that the music industry would be so dependent on promotion. In the early days it was enough to make good music and have a good agent. Promotion was not very active, and slow-working.  Nowadays, everything depends on good promotion. 

In this fast-moving world it becomes easier to miss something. So every interesting thing should be pointed on and placed under the nose. Tidal playlist plays very important role here. Since Tidal is popular among certain companies and institutions, it has specific coverage. Every popular musician understands that and actively invests in Tidal, buys real Tidal plays, and builds safe and effective way to success.

Where to purchase Tidal plays?

There are many services that allow you to pay for Tidal plays, in other words to promote with Tidal plays. Some of them are better, some of them – worse. Some provide guarantees, some – don’t. Some of them make you a star, some – make you broke. You got the idea. You need to find your partner, the best partner that suits you, satisfies you. Happy for you, you are already on the page you need. Promosoundgroup – experienced player on the music promotion market, with lots of satisfied clients. Those clients that use Promosoundgroup – they became stars for cheap. Prices are low, support if friendly, effect – noticeable. You just need to try it once, and you will never stop buying Tidal playlist plays.

What advantages does Promosoundgroup have? Here are some:

  • good prices
  • instant effect
  • organic plays
  • real traffic, no bots
  • 24/7 support team
  • real professionals

All these points are true. Try it, and you will be happy with the results. Trust us once, and success will never leave you!


What are Tidal plays?

Tidal plays refer to the number of times your song is streamed on Tidal, which helps increase its visibility and ranking on the platform.

How do I increase my Tidal plays?

Increasing Tidal plays involves promoting your music through various strategies, including playlist placements, social media marketing, and purchasing play packages.

Why should I focus on getting more Tidal plays?

More plays can lead to higher chart rankings, greater visibility, and potential discovery by new listeners and industry professionals.

Are purchased Tidal plays genuine?

Reputable services provide genuine plays from real accounts, ensuring organic growth and adherence to Tidal's policies.

How long does it take to see an increase in Tidal plays?

The time frame can vary, but typically, you'll start seeing an increase in plays within a few days to a week after purchasing a play package.

Can I target specific demographics with my Tidal play promotion?

Some services offer targeting options to reach specific demographics or geographic locations, enhancing the relevance of your promotion.

How much does it cost to buy Tidal plays?

Prices vary depending on the number of plays and the service provider. Packages can range from a few dollars to several hundred dollars.

Is it safe to buy Tidal plays?

Yes, as long as you use a reputable service that provides real plays from legitimate accounts, it is safe and effective.

What are the benefits of increasing my Tidal plays?

Increased plays can boost your music's ranking on Tidal, attract more organic listeners, and enhance your overall music career.

How do I start buying Tidal plays?

Choose a reliable promotion service, select a play package that suits your needs, and complete the purchase to begin increasing your plays.

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Promosound really helped me get my music out there. My Tidal plays doubled in just a few days. The service is reliable, and the results are real. Perfect for any musician trying to grow their audience.
Amazing results with the Tidal plays promotion. My music is reaching new audiences every day. Highly recommend this to all artists looking to boost their presence.
With Promosound’s Tidal Plays, my tracks have seen a noticeable increase in plays. More exposure means more fans, and that’s exactly what I got. Couldn’t be happier with the service.
Just tried out the Tidal Plays from PromosoundGroup. Crazy good! My new single hit the charts faster than I expected. If you’re serious about your music career, give it a shot.
Honestly, I was skeptical at first, but Promosound proved me wrong. My Tidal streams have skyrocketed, and my profile visibility is way up. Super happy with the results. Big thumbs up!
I ordered the 10k Tidal Plays package, and wow, the results were quick! My song got thousands of plays within a week. It’s the real deal, totally worth the investment. I'll definitely use this service again.
PromosoundGroup did wonders for my Tidal plays. Went from barely any plays to hundreds overnight. Legit service with real results. My tracks are finally getting the recognition they deserve.
I've been using Promosound's Tidal Plays service for a month now, and my tracks are getting so much attention! I’m seeing a serious boost in my play count, and my music is reaching new fans daily. Highly recommend it!
The Tidal Plays service was a game changer for me. My latest single is blowing up thanks to Promosound. Highly recommend!
PromosoundGroup is awesome! Used their Tidal plays package and saw immediate results. Streams are up, and I’m gaining more fans daily.
Invested in Tidal plays from PromosoundGroup and it paid off. Streams doubled and I'm getting more recognition. Best promo service out there!
Shoutout to Promosound! Their Tidal plays promo took my music to another level. If you’re serious about your music, check them out!
Just got a boost from Promosound for my Tidal plays. My track "City Lights" is finally getting the attention it deserves. Thank you!
I was skeptical, but PromosoundGroup’s Tidal plays service blew me away. Streams went up by thousands, and my fan base is growing every day!
Tried out the Tidal plays promotion, and my numbers are up! Got more followers and likes on my new single. This service is a must for new artists!
PromosoundGroup came through big time! My Tidal plays skyrocketed, and it’s helping me get booked for more gigs. Game changer!
I used the Tidal Plays service, and it's insane how fast my streams grew. More exposure, more fans. Totally recommend!
Man, Promosound is the real deal. Got their Tidal plays package, and my tracks are getting mad love. My music’s finally getting noticed!
I decided to give PromosoundGroup a try for Tidal plays, and I’m so glad I did! My song "Waves" has never looked better. Legit service!
Yo, PromosoundGroup hooked me up! My tracks went from 0 to hero on Tidal. Streams are poppin' and my follower count's up. Worth every penny!
PromosoundGroup came through for me big time. My Tidal plays doubled within a week. Definitely using this service again!
Legit the best promo service out there! Got my Tidal plays boosted just as promised. Worth every penny.
Bought the Tidal plays package and couldn't be happier. My tracks are finally getting noticed. Highly recommend!
Wow, PromosoundGroup totally nailed it! My Tidal plays skyrocketed overnight. Super impressed with the service. If you need real engagement, look no further.
I was struggling to get plays on Tidal, but PromosoundGroup changed that. My music is now reaching a wider audience, and I couldn't be happier with the results!
The Tidal Plays package from Promosound worked wonders for my music. It's incredible to see my play count going up daily. So happy I found this service!
Can't believe how effective the Tidal plays promotion is. My songs are getting way more traction now. Big shoutout to PromosoundGroup for the awesome service!
This Tidal plays promo is fire! My stats went through the roof in just a few days. If you need more plays, PromosoundGroup is the way to go.
I purchased the Tidal plays package and saw immediate results. My tracks are getting noticed, and I've gained so many new followers. Promosound is awesome!
PromosoundGroup hooked me up with their Tidal Plays package, and it's insane how much my play count has increased. Totally worth it for any serious musician.
Just tried the Tidal plays promo and it's legit. My songs have way more engagement now. PromosoundGroup knows what they're doing!
Promosound's Tidal Plays package is the real deal. My tracks are now hitting thousands of plays. This is a game-changer for upcoming artists like me!
I was skeptical at first, but the Tidal plays promotion really works. My songs are finally getting the attention they deserve. Thank you, PromosoundGroup!
Yo, PromosoundGroup is lit! My Tidal plays shot up like crazy. If you're serious about your music, you gotta try this out. Best promo service I've used!
I got the Tidal Plays package from PromosoundGroup, and it's amazing! My tracks are getting way more plays, and my fan base is growing fast. Definitely worth every penny!
Promosound’s Tidal plays service is top-notch. Went for the 50k package, and my music is thriving. Worth every penny!
Bought 5k Tidal plays and couldn’t be happier. My track’s getting more traction, and it's noticeable. Highly recommend!
100k Tidal plays from Promosound was a great investment. My music is reaching a broader audience, and the results are showing!
Was skeptical at first, but the 500 plays pack delivered results. My track got noticed, and I'm seeing a steady increase in plays.
Purchased 50k plays, and it’s been amazing. My songs are getting more recognition and I’m gaining new fans every day.
Ordered 10k Tidal plays and saw a huge boost in my song’s visibility. Plays were delivered fast and organically. Totally worth it!
The 10k Tidal plays package has given my tracks a massive boost. Promosound is my go-to for music promotion.
Opted for 1k Tidal plays, and my music’s already climbing up the charts. Quick delivery and legit plays. Thanks, Promosound!
PromosoundGroup nailed it! Bought 500 Tidal plays to test the waters, and I’m impressed with the results. Great service!
Tried the 5k Tidal plays deal. Super affordable and did wonders for my track's popularity. Definitely coming back for more!
Went for the 100k Tidal plays package, and it’s been a game changer. More plays, more followers, and more engagement overall. A++!
Promosound really knows their stuff. Got 50k Tidal plays, and my tracks are getting more attention than ever. Super satisfied!