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What is the one thing a musician can’t live without? Money? Fame? Attention? No! Followers. Followers is what makes a good musician great. And you desperately need them. You can already smell success, but you require a few more inches to grab it. Followers will be your ladder, your fame elevator. So if you want parties, concerts, popularity and big contracts – followers will give it to you. Scroll down, choose your preferred amount of followers, and enjoy success. Do it fast before someone outruns you!

Hey, you! I have a question for you: have you heard about Tidal? You probably think about it as a useless service with no audience or with a very small audience. However, it is far more popular than you think. But we will discuss that later. 

So, are you a novice musician? A new, fresh blood for the music god? Well, hope you are not looking at your career in this way. We have another perspective. You are a new rising star. A star, that needs certain mass to become the biggest star in the galaxy. Or you want to be a spaceship? Like “Nostromo” or “USS Enterprise”, maybe? Why these names? Because they became a cult, famous and popular among mass culture. Do you want to know how to become even more popular? Then stay tuned, my friend, and we will tell you about Tidal organic followers, buying Tidal followers, and some general information about promotion on Tidal.

What are organic followers on Tidal?

Before we find out about role of followers and Tidal subs, let’s define real Tidal followers. What are organic followers on Tidal? Real followers on Tidal are equal to organic followers on any other music streaming service. It means, that these are real people, no bots. These people came to your account and became Tidal subscribers by their own will. How is it different? Organic followers on other streaming services are attracted by blogs, ads, recommendations, and so on. On Tidal, it is done in another way. Since Tidal is very popular among shopping malls, people tend to add Shazam songs on Tidal since it is exclusive there. Tidal in shopping malls? Maybe you haven’t noticed, but in many malls, you can see posters of “music by Tidal.” Where can you see these posters? Look:

  • shopping malls
  • gyms
  • stores
  • elevators
  • business centers
  • offices

Such followers are loyal, and their attraction is completely legal, safe, easy and affordable. Let’s move to the next point.

How to get Tidal paid subscribers?

Easy – buy them. As every promotion, the best way is to buy Tidal followers. Safe and legal action is affordable and fast. Try to imagine the music industry without promotion. How will the person find out about you? Radio? Podcasts? Maybe. But in reality, you will be unnoticed without an audience. That’s not what you want. You want more subs on Tidal, more coverage, more popularity. Now, what is the cost for Tidal paid subscriptions? It depends on a service, where you will get your promotion from, the amount of followers you buy, etc. It is affordable, like wings in KFC. What will you choose? Chicken wings or wings that will get you to the stars? Yes, chicken wings are tasty and salty, and they have eleven herbs and spices. However, they have no future. You eat them, and nothing happens. I think the choice is obvious.

Are the followers that important? 

Different music streaming services have different weights of followers in popularity. In some of them, followers are the most critical asset; in others – likes or plays. But Tidal is a company that values followers. On Tidal, subscribers are the key to high royalties, active promotion by the system itself, and much more. Also, many music producers and labels use Tidal to find new music jewels, new stars, and new talents. Their scouts constantly listen to new tracks from popular artists and musicians with a positive popularity coefficient. So if you have only one song, but you are gaining followers fast – you will be noticed. 


What do you think about everything you have just read? Are you excited? Do you want to try, or are you still a bit skeptical? We hope we at least impacted you and activated your brain and consciousness. We tried to charge you with the energy of creation, give you the desire to create more and build your future. I hope that we motivated you to promote your tracks, to go further, and never stop. Never stop creating, promote yourself, and you will become a popular musician. Only one step, one click on the mouse, and everything will be yours. The whole music world is near your feet. Wow, that sounded like in “Scarface”. Whole world. Okay, you got the point? Then go and act!


What are Tidal followers?

Tidal followers are real users who subscribe to your Tidal account, enhancing your visibility and popularity on the platform.

Why should I buy Tidal followers?

Purchasing followers can boost your credibility, increase your audience, and potentially attract more organic listeners and opportunities.

Are the followers real people?

Yes, the followers provided are genuine users, ensuring that your growth is authentic and effective.

How does buying followers affect my Tidal profile?

More followers can lead to higher engagement, better chart positions, and increased attention from music producers and labels.

How quickly will I see the followers on my account?

The delivery time varies based on the package but typically starts within 2-5 days after purchase.

What packages are available for buying Tidal followers?

Packages range from 100 to 10,000 followers, catering to different needs and budgets.

Can I target followers from specific regions or demographics?

Generally, the service focuses on overall follower growth rather than specific targeting.

Will buying followers improve my music streams?

While followers can increase visibility and potential for more streams, buying followers does not directly increase stream counts.

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