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Are you thrilled to try something new in your music promotion? Do you want to open new ways of making yourself a popular musician and a future star? We are proud to announce you this new way – email marketing. If you are brave and ready to risk, don’t hesitate, scroll down, choose the promotion package that suits you best and get ready to blast off, straight to the stratosphere!

E-mails. They were one of the first things internet had to offer back in the old days. But the world has evolved, and emails have lost their interest for people. You can say that no one uses emails for chatting anymore, especially when there are plenty of messengers and social networks. So it may seem to you that email marketing for musicians is not worth a fuss, and the result will not be good enough. If people only check email a few times in a week, how can you interest someone in your music in that way? I will try to convince you, that email marketing is the best option for musician, no matter how experienced musician you are. If you are curious and want to know more about email marketing for music creators, read further!

So, email marketing for musicians?

Why in the world should you be interested in email marketing? There are other ways to promote your music, more efficient and fast. However, no musician should ignore music promotion and marketing possibilities, especially at the beginning of the career. When you are only starting your trip to success, every music email blast can make a difference. Every small effect is worth it, for a novice musician. And in the music industry email marketing is a real and effective enough instrument, that gives you an advantage over any musician, that will skip this small opportunity.

How music email blast works?

Now we are getting to some real questions. Of course you can’t decide, to use email marketing for music or not, without knowing how it is done. I will try to explain it as easy and fast as possible. Some things will not be said here, but they are company policy, right?

So, how will music email blast be different from spam and other mails that everyone deletes without reading? First, we need to pass algorithms of mail service provider. Their systems are really good at deleting messages, so there are a few ways to overcome these algorithms. That’s confidential, okay? We don’t want to be sued. Next, catchy theme and text. If you can capture the attention only from the topic, you need to own the attention even more. Clever text, written by the best writers and creators will interest almost everyone, who will get the email.

After the person got the email, the best tracks of the music industry are in front of his eyes. And your works are among them. User gets interested, goes to his favorite music streaming service and adds the song to his library. Maybe it is slower than other methods of marketing, it is organic one and completely legal.

What are the results?

We can’t say for sure, how your career will change after you start the best email marketing of your music,but we can definitely guarantee that you will have more coverage than any other musician with traditional methods of promotion. You will get more followers, more legal plays and likes. With email marketing for musicians you will be able to interest even a granny in your tracks. What is this 60 year old lady who lived her whole life without knowing that she likes rap about cars, drugs, and mob? You never know, but there is always a chance. So, don’t be afraid to try something new, do this small baby step. And it can be the advantage that matters, advantage that will ascend you higher than your competitors could ever dream of. Go for your music dream, chase your success with the best email marketing in music industry!

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