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Do you know what is Billboard “Top 100 chart”? It is also called “Hot 100”. No? This is a prestigious and powerful rating of music creators. Every time it gets updated, it shows many new names, that have never been heard before. Its unique ability to give a career boost to anyone, who’s mentioned is staggering. Literally everyone can become a star after appearing in “Top 100 chart”.

As a young musician you know and understand, that it is not enough to just write music. Nowadays you also need to popularize it, to show in to the masses. And what is the best way to do it? Promotion, right. Not the average promotion, but clever Billboard Top 100 promotion. How is this way of promotion different from other means of promotion? Let’s find it out! Also, stay tuned to read about how to get in Top 100 chart, and outcomes of the best Billboard music promotion.

What is Billboard Top 100 chart?

Billboard chart is a list of musicians, that are popular, interesting, and worth listening to. Billboard itself is a popular magazine with millions of readers. If people are reading to it, they are trusting it. also, many people look for new music on this chart. 

Wow, that was a short paragraph. Well, maybe there is not too much to say about this chart. Only that the majority of popular musicians are there, and you can be near BTS, Cardi B, The Weeknd, and many more stars.

What is the best Billboard music promotion?

As any other promotion, this is the act of making you popular. Some people buy plays, followers. However, this legal “Top 100” promotion outperforms them all. It combines various styles and approaches to promotion, which allows an artist to find place in the chart. Before getting to this chart, the song gets carefully examined by music experts to find the best position for it. The best results of Billboard “Top 100” promotion can be achieved if the position is in the first 20th. 

Where to get legal Top 100 promotion?

Choosing the promotion service can be a difficult task. You need a service with experience and reputation. This must be a popular service with positive reviews. We have good news for you - you have already found one. Promosoundgroup is the service you can trust. Trained professionals with music and promotion background will perform the promotion in the best way possible, without compromises. Friendly support team will always assist you in case of any problem 24/7. These people know how to get in Top 100 chart easy, in a safe, real, effective, and organic way. Many popular today musicians started as clients of Promosoundgroup. Due to our confidential policy, we can’t tell names, but some of them are now opening prestige concerts and even are headliners there. Also, many clients who ordered legal top 100 promotion are top-searched on a good deal of music streaming services.

So, try it out. Feel free to ask questions. We can guarantee you, that your song not only will get to TOP 100, it will stay there long enough for you, to make a great start or boost to your career. Stop waiting for fame, take it today!

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