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Golden albums, platinum records, mansions, crowds of fans - that’s what popularity gives to a musician. Do you want some? You need to say your name out loud, show yourself and your music! Music promotion can do it for you! Try Audiomack promotion, until you have a chance. Speed up your musical career, show everyone, that you are a hidden gem!

Audiomack? Whaat?

If you are an average person, you probably never heard of Audiomack. However, almost every young, budding musician should know about it, because Audiomack is a hero. Hero, that we deserve, and the hero we need. It stays in the darkness, in the shadows, but manages to serve the light. Such a weird opening line, right? Okay, let’s cut down all this stuff. Audiomack is a free music-streaming service that was created to help young musicians. This idea is on the main website “to help young talents, and not to elevate popular ones”. Powerful idea, and Audiomack seems to be really good at it. However, despite all this promotion on Audiomack, the majority of people can’t even recall its name. Audiomack serves its purpose, unveiling new musicians, making diamonds out of stones. And still, only musicians know Audiomack. Maybe there are too many music streaming services, and there is not enough advertising for Audiomack, but it stays in the shadows of other streaming services. But as the ea hero, it never stops, and moves only forward. So, if Audiomack is so good at promotion, why do you need Audiomack promotion?

Do you really need real Audiomack promotion?

Ask any musician about getting popular. What advice will they give you? Some people will say to work hard, create more, and people will notice. Others, younger ones, will say to use music promotion services, to increase your chances. Why do they say differently? In the early days, there was no such thing as dedicated music promotion, it was only radio promotion or simply finding a good agent. Now, everyone is his own agent, own marketer, and own director. PEople became more self-sufficient, and musicians did too. Almost anyone can write a song, pay for the promotion, and earn fame on Spotify or other similar profit-based services. 

But not everyone can dig deeper and find a place for young artists, the service that specializes in artists promotion. And Audiomack is this service. Do you really need a promotion on Audiomack? Sadly, yes. This service helps to promote young musicians, but you still need to buy Audiomack promotion to get the ultimate result. If we combine your promotion, and service promotion, it will be huge. Just imagine: you are a newbie with one song. You purchase the Audiomack promotion package from Promosound, and boom, you are now a well-known figure on Audiomack. Since you are famous already, Audiomack itself starts promoting you through its own channels. Your track appears in popular playlists, top-charts, recommendations. And since the app is free, the audience of Audiomack is huge. 

How to promote music on Audiomack?

Well, if you are asking this question it means you are interested, really interested. Your career means a lot to you, and you are willing to work hard for it, and to pay its price. Luckily for you, Promosound knows everything about Audiomack promotion, and is always ready to help. Promosound does not deliver bots, we can help you gain only real plays. Our traffic is human-generated, by real users. No need to worry, everything is completely legal. Every major musician pays for music promotion, and we need to play by the common rules, if we want to get our piece of success.

How does Promosound promote your music? Sadly, we can’t answer this question, but we can tell how to promote Audiomack music. It does sound easy, and the process is relatively similar for any other promotion on Promosound. So, here are main Audiomack promotion points, or better steps, you need to take, to make your song viral:

  • Choose your package on Promosound website (look above). Select the best plan for you, in terms of number of plays and package price. 
  • Submit your track to our team. Leave contact information, so we can inform you about the progress.
  • Wait, till we examine your song. A team of experts, ex-musicians, ex-producers will listen to your songs, choose the best strategy for the promotion, and place it in a really popular playlist.
  • See, how the plays flow, how their number grows. This is magical. And with promosound, these plays are real and organic, and most importantly, they are forever yours!

Promosound music promotion on Audiomack gives you time to focus on music creation, developing your ideas. We will do the promotion part for you, and you will create music. What can be better? Promosound guarantees effectiveness and permanence of promotion results.

What are your outcomes?

After you chose your package, paid for it, and saw some plays coming in you got to choose, what to do next? Should you sit calmly and wit for success or take everything into your hands? Yes, you gain new plays, maybe some followers too, royalties are coming up, but is it over? When will be that golden limousine and prestigious concerts? You shouldn’t stop! You need to write more tracks, promote them, and one day music producers will see you. Audiomack has contracts with worlds biggest music labels and record studious, so if your tracks will be good and gain enough attention - buckle up, your fame train is leaving the station!

Why promosound? Well, if you are here then you know what you are doing. Promosound is an experienced, highly-rated, effective and legal promotion service. Our clients are happy with their promotion campaigns, and outcomes. Don’t wait till your opportunities go by, grb them and build your career! And your Audiomack promotion? We will nail it!

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