Apple Mix

Get an unfair advantage in your Apple Music domination war. Get plays and Apple Music playlist placement in a set of mixed packages, perfectly dosed for best results for your music promotion goals. Real plays, high quality playlists, updated often for relevance, popularity and overall oomph factor. Mix up your Music Appletini today!

Get 1k Apple music Plays, Get 1playlist placement.

Delivery time 5-7 days.


Get 2k Apple music Plays 2 playlist placement.

Delivery time 5-20 days.


Get 10k Apple music Plays 10 playlist placement.

Delivery time 5-7 days.


Get 20k Apple music Plays 20 playlist placement.

Delivery time 5-20 days.


Spiced up: Apple Music mixed promotion

Plays, oh those plays.

And Apple Music playlist placement: the best-kept secret of electronic music promotion.

What if you could get them both at the same time, mixed up to perfection by your trusty music promotion whiz kids here at Yours Truly?

You could fly your track to the moon and back without thinking about proportions and measurements. A bit like a ramen soup, but much healthier and more delicious 🍜

Now, get your custom Apple Music mixed promotion right here, spice up your music marketing channels, and save time to do what you do best: create music and podcasts.


Apple Music mixed promotion service

Specializing in every possible music promotion service out there, we’ve made life a walk in the park for thousands of DJs, artists, bands, record labels, and music marketers.

Then one day we figured “hey, you know what? Let’s simplify things even more!” 

So we created what you see here: the best Apple Music mixed promotion service under the starry night.

Because this Apple Music mixed promotion lets you get an upper hand on your Apple Music domination in one fell swoop:

  • Get your track, song, EP or podcast placed on one or more POPULAR Apple Music playlists
  • Buy real Apple Music plays, cheap, in the thousands
  • Boost your music or podcasts with plays on the best Apple Music mixed playlists, and get the best organic music promo effect at ridiculous value for your dead presidents / euros / Vietnamese dongs (that’s what they’re called)

As always, when you get this mixed Apple Music promotion you can rest assured of our legit, legal, safe and efficient music promotion, delivered like clockwork.


Get Schwifty with Apple Music mixed promotion

Apple Music plays and playlist placement, delivered together and in perfect doses under our professional Apple Music mixed promotion service.

What’s not to go bananas about? 🍌

Don’t waste time and brain resources meshing up your music promotion: buy these Apple Music mixed promotion packages, ready-to-go and designed to WIN at music promotion.

Your turn now. See you at the top!

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