Streaming PR

Reach thousands of new fans on the world's most popular streaming services. We'll push your track to playlists with huge following and you'll get dozens of daily streams. Get royalty payments AND new listeners in one single blow! Discover the best music streaming promotion on Spotify.

We know, alright. It’s hard to get your music heard on Spotify...

... and hear, in return, the divine music-for-your-ears of that ding ding ding: the sound of Spotify royalties trickling in from track streams. (It’s usually an F-sharp, for some reason).

Because that’s the goal, right?

To promote your music on Spotify like a champ, get organic followers, superstar fans, fat monthly streaming statistics
To make every stream count by ranking in Spotify search and getting featured in premium Spotify playlists (you know, those that change every day at the whim of their playlist curators).
To get to the top 20, 10, 5 of the best Spotify playlists, overall and genre, and to monopolize Spotify’s Discover Weekly, Song Radio and Release Radar placements
Ok, but how do you make it all happen together?

How do you juggle managing your music community, releasing new tracks on Spotify (while promoting old songs for new streams and followers) and reaching the top of Spotify charts without breaking the bank? If you’d think our answer would be “get the best Spotify promotion service”... well, you’d be right.

But we’d lie if we didn’t say there’s more to that. And nearly every Spotify paid promotion service on the Internets will, in fact, lie. The thing is: it’s not just how much music promotion you do – it’s about doing music promotion SMART. In particular, it’s all about balance: the balance between organic Spotify plays, followers, monthly listeners, and overall music campaign management designed for long-term success on Spotify.

Namaste to balance. How does it work in practice?

Well, bear with us for a sec here, and we BET you we’ll shed some light at the end of the Spotify promotion shitshow tunnel.

… and, who knows, maybe you’ll go ahead and click on one of those juicy Spotify marketing services ☝️ you see up here, in all their music-promoting, DJ-boosting, double 3D triangle glory ▲▽

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