Shine bright on 120k-240k real Sounclouders and light up your plays, repost, likes and comments stats. 100% organic overdrive baby!

A whole 10 days of Soundcloud community word-of-mouth lighting up the heavens! We repost your track to a bunch of ridiculously popular Soundcloud accounts (ours and our partners’), for hardcore fans of YOUR GENRE to enjoy. Those who say “me likey” will engage with your tunes and repost ‘em to their followers in a chain reaction ☢️

With Supernova you get exposure to about 80k-160k real Soundclouders. We’ve been at it for a while, so our Resident Physicists crunched the exact numbers. You get:

  • 3000-6000 real plays
  • 300-600 real reposts
  • 150-300 real likes
  • 70-150 relevant comments
  • New real followers: 1-4% the number of reposts

Get this Soundcloud promo package to get new listeners and plays in a BS-free, community-driven way.

Best results for fresh tracks and tour season, but your lightyear mileage (“lightyearage?”) may vary. That’s the perk of 100% organic Soundcloud promotion: whatever your music promo goals, engaging real listeners in your genre will get you there as fast as a charged neutron bullet!


(DISCLAIMER from the Promosound Physics Department: the LHD collides particles in a controlled environment, so it’s technically not a nuclear chain reaction. Still, it’s Large and it sounds damn cool, so the name stuck). 

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