1,500 EDM Music Labels, Blogs, DJs Track Push

If only those labels could notice your music! How about promoting music to music blogs or fellow DJs? Well, now there's a quick fix for that. Discover music email marketing at its finest.

Just like our radio station email marketing products, this service helps you get noticed by music industry players and influencers. Push your tracks and get DIRECT response, in your inbox, by leading EDM labels, blogs and DJs. All it takes are a few clicks and your email address.

We'll send your song or EDM track to 1,500 leading electronic music labels, blogs and DJs in the US. This means an automated mailer, sent to a handpicked list of contats we work with on a regular basis. Your email address will be used as a return address, which means you'll get personally in contact with your target electronic music industry players. They will reply to you directly.

Automate the process of searching for useful contacts (who may still not answer) and painstakingly submitting your music. Focus on making and promoting awesome music and let us do the hard work. In no time, you'll generate interest and buzz across a huge music buying community.

To show you proof of email promotion delivery, we'll send you a screenshot the "confirmed sent" message from our MailChimp account. Order this music email marketing promotion technique today and keep watch over your inbox!

Delivery time: 4 days.

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