Top DJs Feedbacks+ (Four Weeks Promo)

Ready to reach your genre's most influential DJs? We'll make quality promo pool for your release on our Vip Ultima channel, with 7500 active well-known and Top DJs.

You'll receive from 70 to 200 feedbacks, your tracks will be used in radio shows, podcasts, parties and etc. Your track will be available four weeks on our Vip Ultima channel. Our genre focus in on Techno, Tech House, Deep House. For other genres and inquiries, please email We'll be in touch within 24 hours.

Very often in a review, you will be able to find a link with the use of your tracks for various music resources. 
At the end of the promotion, you will be given a report with feedbacks and statistics. This promo is for the top DJs, so be sure to submit your best tracks!

At the end of the promotion, we send a report with feedbacks and statistics.

Note: The package price is for ONE track. If you have more tracks in your request, the final price is: package price + 10 EURO for each additional track.

Delivery time: varies. In any event, we'll get in touch in 24 hrs.

Promo pool examples Here.

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