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Get 70-200 feedbacks from Top DJs in our pool of 7500 ( channel). Promo lasts 2 weeks.


Get 70-300 feedbacks from Top DJs in our pool of 7500 (Promo-Cloud channel). Promo lasts 4 weeks.


Peer validation at its finest! Submit your best tracks to high profile DJs worldwide and see them featured in radio shows, podcasts, parties etc. Techno, Tech House, House, Deep House.(some take a bit more time).
The promotion lasts two or four weeks, depending on which package you choose. The basis for this top electronic music promotion is our very active Vip Ultima channel.

“Hello, son.” Get feedback from top DJs

Or, in other words, promote your music with pros!

Being the music promotion powerhouse that we are, we figured we’d give our DJ customers (but also bands, labels and indie artists) a way to shine up there on the Mount Olympus of the greatest.

Hence, this service was born. Here you can:

  • have your music reviewed by top DJs
  • buy feedback about your track from top DJs in your genre
  • get your music featured in radio shows, podcasts, parties
  • See detailed feedbacks and statistics in a custom post=promo report

This is a unique type of promotion that lasts for weeks, and reaps benefits that could last YEARS.

Sounds fun? Right on!


Best services to get feedback from top DJs?

While sending music promos to DJs (in any creative way possible) has always been the oldest trick in the book, finding the right service to do this for you can be daunting… and often unsuccessful. (Top DJs are busy, and few music promo companies actually have access to them anyway).

It’s even harder to buy feedback about your tracks, EPs or remixes, since few services could contact top DJs for something like that.

Once more, Yours Truly begs to differ.

With our scale & expertise, we’ve created the best services to feedback from top DJs, precisely because we know how much professional feedback about your track can help you:

  • become a better DJ
  • have a top DJ like, remix and/or play your track
  • get leeway in the industry FAST, easily, efficiently - and the legit way

With the services on this page you can get multi-week promotion that’ll promote your music with pro DJs, and account for every bit of results obtained on your behalf.


Get feedback from top DJs today!

Stop wondering whether it’s even possible to pay for professional EDM feedback for your track. 

Act instead: promote music with pros today by buying feedback about your tracks right here.

Access thousands of top DJs and get your music featured out there with the best service to feedback from top DJs...

hands down, hands-free 🙌 and all-hands-in-the-air 🕺🕺🕺

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