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Spread your music and attract new Soundcloud followers. 200 reposts in 4 days.


Boost your music and attract new Soundcloud followers. 50 reposts in 3 days, from real profiles only.


Spread your music and attract new Soundcloud followers. 200 reposts in 4 days.


Spread your music and attract new Soundcloud followers. 1000 reposts in 8 days, from real profiles only.


Use Soundcloud’s forte to trigger a cascade effect of visibility for your music. Get targeted reposts by real, active profiles to reach audiences in your genre. Then sit back as your new superfans repost your music in turn.  Packs go from 50 to 1,000 reposts. Contact us for custom numbers. For VIP reposts, check out Soundcloud Thermonuclear.

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Ever wondered how to get reposts on SoundCloud?

What a question. OF COURSE you did!

You sure know that SoundCloud reposts are the bread and butter of real organic discovery -- whether you’re promoting a single, album, podcast, EP or your portfolio as a record label.

Ok. Now rejoice!

There’s a way for you to get hundreds of these bad boys, with a legit, legal and efficient service for boosting your SoundCloud reposts. Buying always real SoundCloud repost here is nice, easy, and safe.

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You know… REAL SoundCloud reposts

Now, when you buy SoundCloud reposts, it’s important that they’re real, legit, and come from active SoundCloud profiles. 

Why? Well, soundCloud reposts are an AMAZING organic music promotion channel because they make your music “viral” on SoundCloud. But all these benefits are exclusive to real SoundCloud reposts:

  • Get your tunes in front of new listeners (real SoundCloud profiles have real listeners)
  • Boost your overall SoundCloud stats (SoundCloud heavily penalizes fake reposts), which...
  • … enable discovery through SoundCloud’s algorithms (sometimes (... SoundCloud prioritizes legit profiles)
  • Get the party started with more and more reposts! (Well, when real users listen, that is)

Makes sense? Only real reposts can give you the organic benefits of SoundCloud promotion done right.

And our system for buying SoundCloud reposts is just what the doctor ordered…


Best SoundCloud reposts; killer value 🚀

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So low for hundreds of reposts? How?

Well, here at Promosound, our secret sauce is scale: we’ve spent close to a decade creating a vast music promotion global network of fans, listeners, DJs, artists and labels, ready to stream songs, albums and podcasts for our clients.

They get paid and improve their own standing by reposting on SoundCloud, and you get the best promotion around the Internets.

Sounds good? Go ahead and try our real SoundCloud reposts now. Satisfaction guaranteed!

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