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Well well, look who came to take a bite out of the Big Apple. Apple Music is trickier than other streaming platforms to promote on… which is exactly why when done right it shoots your music so high up you’ll need a telescope to look back (see there? There’s your garage studio. Nice soundproofing). Read on to learn all the hows & whys, or head straight for our high-retention plays packages and killer playlist placement services.

The Big Apple: ripe for the plucking


Apple Music is killing it. Always has, always will - and the ball’s just started rolling.

Since 2001, iTunes music promotion used to be a big deal – in fact, the biggest deal of all in the early days.

iTunes revolutionized the music industry just like Netflix revolutionized movies, TV shows and, well, chilling (you know exactly what I mean 👀).

Then, streaming became the new kid on the block.

… a flashily dressed, meme-abusing, smartphone-brandishing kid who doesn’t want to own music, but get it on demand at a tap of the finger.

Hence, streaming music promotion became king, and that crown it still is today. Even more so after Apple discontinued iTunes for good at WWDC in June 2019.

Now, it’s stream or die baby!

What all this means is, Apple Music now takes over the music promotion stage, and with Spotify going stronger than ever, you can bet your grandpa’s vintage Pioneer DJM1 that Apple is going to pour its heart and soul into its music streaming service, making it more popular and competitive than ever.


So, iTunes is dead, long live iTunes!

(Rest in peace - we’ve been with you since the beginning, and you’ll be sorely missed).

On to the brave future now - your shiny music promotion future! If you’re ready to:

  • Get massive organic exposure for your tracks, EPs, releases and albums,
  • Build a massive, raving fan base with Apple Music and targeted music promotion,
  • Boost listeners and organic plays with legitimate streaming promotion, delivered with oh-so-pro timing and geo-targeting,
  • Shoot music engagement and popularity through the roof with balanced, legit online promo,

well, then put on your V-MODA Crossfade1, keep reading, and get ready to hear the tingling of Apple royalties ding ding-ing in the bank!


Apple Music Promotion: what’s special?


In a nutshell, Apple Music is a much more locked-down, premium-ish streaming platform than the likes of Soundcloud, YouTube and even part Spotify (yeah, those are links to our promo services, what about it?).

Things being such, Apple Ecosystem music promotion has to deal with unique hurdles & challenges:

  • How do you get Apple Music followers? Thanks to insanely complex social streaming and followership systems make getting quick music followers near-impossible (courtesy of Recommended Friends, social login and other pesky features)
  • Blitz-promoting a release? Plays and streaming statistics boost gets much harder to implement if you don’t know what you’re doing
  • Play fraud controls are restrictive and question legitimate to the point of damaging every artist with long, bureaucratic processes
  • Apple Music reviews and play stats are much more important than on other streaming services, meaning more work for you and less purely algorithmic promotion

Ay ay ay cabron 😨

Does it mean you can’t get proper paid promotion on Apple Music?

Or that you’re left to blog, instagram and shout out about your music for years on end before you get results?

That you can’t smash those Apple Music algorithms with a plays boost that shoots your track up to the latest charts and gets you crazy exposure? 

Well of course not, duh!

In fact, with the right Apple Music promotion – targeted, legit, delivered-like-a-Swiss-watch (or better, a Varia Instruments RDM202) – you can actually exploit the system to your advantage, doing what few to no DJs, artists or producers don’t even know is possible.

What are they missing?

Well, most music promotion services and their esteemed Logic Pro-smashing customers go about Apple Music these ways: 

  • they market music organically and leave Apple Music as an afterthought
  • they spend tons of resources on third-party Apple Music promotion, such as music affiliate programs, embeddable players and Apple Music-partnered blogging, neglecting in-platform promotion
  • Or worst of all, they get fake plays and streams from sketchy Fiverr pundits for 5 bucks a million and hope for the best
  • … (In other words, they just get plays that last a few seconds and don’t check on reviews and statistics first - as fake as a 10$ Rolex - read on to learn about retention).

So yes, organic track and release promotion is paramount on Apple Music (maybe more than on any other streaming service). But while you can’t rely on combinations of followers, plays, favorites and release push promotion like on Spotify, Soundcloud and others, if you do right what Apple lets you do, you’re going to absolutely nail it.

So what can you do? What’s the right way?

The options are two, but used right they have limitless potential: 

  • Buy high-retention Apple Music plays to boost your short-term plays and streaming statistics, improve long-term retention and popularity, get new Apple Music organic followers, make it on the charts that matter the most, and get to the best listeners;
  • Smash Apple Music playlist submission by featuring your tracks on dynamic, popular, up-to-date and actually cool playlists that real listeners bother checking and obsessing over.

Without further ado, let’s see how to do Apple Music promotion right, with all the 007-style tricks of the trade courtesy of the Promosound team (including those vintage DJ mixer hippies in our midst1).


Apple Music paid plays


Unlike the CD era, or the mentioned iTunes keep-it-hold-it-love-it music distribution model, music streaming marketing is a game of big numbers.

Your tracks are literally swimming in an endless ocean of 1’s and 0’s, at the mercy of iPhone music listeners the world over.

In turn, those listeners are at the mercy of Apple’s streaming algorithms. 

So, let’s crack those algorithms like music-promoting Mr Robots, shall we?

Buying Apple Music plays is a great way to promote your music across the board, provided you space them out AND make sure they’re real and actually increase engagement with your tunes.

When you get Apple Music plays the right way, they give you a spike in overall retention % (more on this later), royalties, and they unleash algorithmic mayhem across Apple’s streaming platform, yielding you new exposure, more organic plays, and crazy popularity boosts for your music and tracks.

Now, true, legit professional Apple Music promotion works in not-so-mysterious ways. This promo:

  • Plays the algorithms to your advantage by tweaking streaming stats
  • Creates targeted, controlled popularity spikes that bring you new listeners and organic popularity (especially when touring or releasing new EPs or albums)
  • Makes sure all plays are real, with tracks streamed intro-to-outro AND preceded by a legit check of reviews and stats (which makes Apple Music go “wow, this DJ is the real deal, look how engaged these listeners are!”). 

You’ve probably figured that that’s exactly what we do here at PromosoundGroup.

If you head out to our buy Apple Music plays promo packages, you’ll see plays ranging from 500 to 50,000 (note: we can do more, just drop us a line). All of those are real, perfectly targeted, and streamed spaced in time, and most importantly, delivered in a way that fits your music marketing goals like a glove….

And even more importantly, with regard to the most important factor of done-right music promotion when it comes to streaming: retention rate.

Here’s what that’s all about.

Watch out for retention rate! ⚠️


The most common mistake DJs, bands and aspiring producers make with paid streaming promotion is to put their eggs in the rotten basked of lowest-quality, inconsiderate, scattered promotion with streaming plays.

Instead of the highest-quality paid streams, they get no real targeting in mind, and worst of all, they pursue at quantity above quality in their promotion. This happens both

  • when they go it alone the DIY-DJ way (spamming out their contacts to stream away, or buying those cheap fake plays from Fiverr hustlers)...
  • but also when they rely on professional music services, which deliver real plays but with bad targeting, poor distribution and, most importantly, crappy engagement.

So, what’s the best, most real indicator of streaming promotion plays quality?

Hear, hear (or better, stream, stream) it’s retention rate

Music streaming retention metrics essentially mean how engaged your listeners are with your tunes. That’s measured with the track or song length they actually listen to (usually in percentage points) as well as a couple of “soft factors” such as actions before and after the actual streaming.  

Let’s start with % retention. Low retention means that, sure, those Apple Music listeners hit “play”... but after just a couple of seconds they move on to the next track, without even waiting for the chorus or that hair-raising bass drop you’ve spent hours crafting in Ableton.

So, zero hairs raised, all music marketing budget wasted :/

What happens in this case is, any Apple Music plays you buy get almost no effect at best – and at worst, they ruin your standing as Apple’s algorithms smell fishy and take action, downgrading your play stats and streaming visibility, and sometimes even blocking accounts without pardon.

When buying Apple Music plays, you should aim for about 80% retention rate on average.

On average because not every listener will realistically stream to the end of your song - but most will, and those who won’t will at least listen long enough to form an educated opinion. 

And in that vein, also important are the “soft factors:” user interaction before playing the track or song on Apple Music. You want folks to get curious about your track, meaning they check play statistics and click on those shiny reviews - to get an idea before they go on and listen to 80-100% of your music. 

Of course, our paid Apple Music plays all feature 80% average retention (we rely on real users who actually like your genre) and we make sure Apple Music plays you buy follow the pattern of real, algorithm-shattering streaming that push your releases, EPs and albums to the moon and back! 


Premium Apple Music playlists, the good, the bad and the ugly


Alrighty then. Paid Apple Music plays are awesome, and high retention puts the real-deal nitro in their gas tanks. Duly noted. 

But there’s another way to boost your organic followership, and reach new listeners who’d otherwise get lost in the background noise. Of course, we’re talking about popular, premium Apple Music playlists. 

Music playlists are the gateway to global, organic music promotion domination overkill. Word. 

A proper, legit playlist placement does so much, and then some, because it

  • Boosts your song in Apple Music charts
  • Drives new organic listeners the world over
  • Zones in on your superfans and helps you find even more
  • Greatly improves streaming statistics across the board
  • Brings you short- and long-term Apple Music royalties
  • Overall, smashes the heck out of that Apple Music promotion, whether it’s indie, EDM, techno or medieval Japanese  shōmyō music

Of course, we googled the last one (turns out it’s from the Nara and Heian periods), and you know what, that’s perfectly fine - because your listeners will do just the same! 

Music streaming may be an ocean of 1’s and 0’s, but playlists are the islands (or fleets). People use them all the time to actively seek new music on Apple Music, get music recommendations, and just have some tunes playing out in succession while they’re crafting their avotoasts 🥑 with love and dedication. 

Playlists are the best gateway to music – your music!

Now, how does music promotion with Apple Music playlist submission work? (You know, in practice?)

Well, the key is Apple Music playlist curators. You want to reach those curators who’ll help you reach your promotion goals, and won’t break your bank in the process. You want first of all handpicked curators, and secondly, you want some negotiation power to be able to get on the best playlists, because the best playlist managers can’t be f#$@ed to read every music promo cold email they get.

So, if you get a proper professional promotion service like yours truly, you’ll get featured in the best Apple Music playlists quickly, effectively, and guaranteed.

We add your songs and tracks to handpicked, killer Apple Music playlists visited by thousands of active, eager listeners. In fact, we’re merciless when it comes to updating our playlists and giving not-so-good curators the boot when they no longer represent our clients’ interests.

Note that the playlist music marketing services you see listed on our Apple Music playlist submission page refer to the general nature of playlists - not specific ones right now.

That’s great for you. While the very top playlists usually do have a pretty long “shelf life”, the best Apple Music playlists for the job change week by week, so we keep replacing ours to reflect the best playlist placement promotion that can be crafted for the uniqueness of your genre.

Whether you’re an indie band, experimental electronic music composer, or a mainstream DJ, Apple Music promotion will help you put your tunes out there fast, and with killer value - we’ve been doing this for a while, so we’ve brought Apple Playlist submission down to an art form in efficiency and best results.


Combine & conquer – the music promo winning formula


Like in most things in life, balance is key when it comes to online music promotion.

So take this last pearl of wisdom home with you: The best paid and organic music marketing on Apple Music is diverse, variegated, and perfectly balanced across channels.

The online music promotion market is a huge, ungainly beast, as you probably know. If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve googled paid music promotion, streaming promo services, and how to buy music plays, followers or playlist placement for Apple Music.

And - oh, do we know - you’re come across a million and one sites promising “safe” plays, global targeting, guaranteed music promo, or even free Apple music promotion. 

While unlikely to be effective, most of the hustlers out there can at times give you the nice promotion boost you need to get your single out there, or cross-promote your album tour through streaming promotion and overall marketing.

But the very best music promotion combines the best methods & tactics in one place, organically and perfectly in sync - just like those bass drops of yours.

This means, in practical terms:

Whatever you do in music promotion, make sure it’s professional, targeted, and serves your long-term marketing goals. Forget just buying music marketing services indiscriminately and hoping for the best. 

This is particularly important for Apple Music promotion, where you can’t buy paid followers or likes out of the box. 

While a great strategy takes time, we’ve been making a killing with our combined streaming promotion packages, blending paid streams and more on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and other streaming services, with the perfect mix of value, geo-targeting and followership, alongside our signature killer retention rate. If you’re in a rush to the stars, maybe check those out, too.


Sooo, how about some mic-dropping Apple Music promotion?


You know, the actual real deal, delivered like clockwork, with jaw-dropping value, bass-dropping oomph and the titular mic-dropping come-conquer-leave kind of thing.

Ok, that was a mouthful. Let’s drop the “drop” for a second and get real.

The point here is, how to promote music on Apple Music is all about balance, strategy, and professional service. You want totally real & legit music plays & playlist submission, delivered in due time, geo-targeted, with high retention rate. And you’ll want consistency with your overall music marketing communications tactics.

If still shopping around for Apple Music plays or playlist curators, at least, please make sure their retention is real (above 80%), and that their user behavior is future-proofed for your success amidst Apple’s crackdown on fakes and iPhone phonies (pun oh so intended).

But why shop around? The Apple music ecosystem is going strong, and after the death of iTunes (peace to her soul - yes, she’s a “she”), killer professional music promo is more needed than ever - and for that, you’re already where you want to be.

Check out our packages and get ready to do promote the way most DJs, artists and producers haven’t yet discovered.



1 at the time of writing, here at PromosoudGroup HQ we were having a heated discussion about DJ-ing equipment, arguing over the best headphones, while also reminiscing about vintage mixers (our team having in our midst a mix of hipsters and actually old school music pros). It was one of those days, and sharing is caring, so there you have it.

2 In the same spirit, Varia Instruments is a fancy 🇨🇭Swiss DJ equipment maker, handcrafted and all, watch-style. Fun fact.

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