Amazon Prime Playlists

Scare Jeff with your Amazon Prime playlists promotion!

Prime. What does it mean? It means power, means superiority, means success. Do you want to make yourself prime? Promote your Amazon Prime playlist today, and become a star tomorrow. In modern world real Amazon Prime playlists promotion is a legal way to career success and multi-million fan base.  If your playlist is popular and has many followers, you will get big royalties and maybe few interesting deals from well-known music agencies and record studios. Future is awaiting you, cease your success! If you want to know more about outcomes and process of Amazon playlist promotions, read on! It was never as easy and affordable as it is now!

Place one track on 1x Amazon Prime Music playlist, and get around 1k-2k streams per promo time.


Place one track on 3x Amazon Prime Music playlist, and get around 3k-6k streams per promo time.


Place one track on 6x Amazon Prime Music playlist, and get around 6k-12k streams per promo time.


Place one track on 12x Amazon Prime Music playlist, and get around 12k-24k streams per promo time.Twelve

One song; *twenty-four* playlists! Premium Amazon Prime Music account. Streamed 24/7 = 240-480 streams a day. Delivery: 5 days.

Why is Amazon playlist promotion so important?

             Every day more and more people listen to the music in playlists. It is convenient and fast way to enjoy specific music, of certain genre or for certain mood. Amazon playlist promotion services allow pumping up any playlist and increasing its popularity. Popularity of such playlists determine success of musician or band or label. It has huge impact on that. Because if many people listen to your song in popular Amazon Music Prime playlist, it gets more recognition and from some moment all plays and likes become real and organic. Amazon playlist promotions are real possibility for musician to shine in the lights of fame, and make journey to success shorter. So this is it, basically the most important argument in favor of organic Amazon Prime playlists promotion. Are you intrigued?

How does Amazon Prime playlists promotion work?

             What is the mechanism of Amazon Prime playlists promotion? Amazon Prime playlists promotion is the procedure when song gets its place in top rated playlist. Such organic Amazon Prime playlists promotion will not only gain fully organic and real plays, followers will be real too. Plus, managers of music festivals and music labels are constantly scouting in search of new talents, listening to popular and highly rated playlists. As bonus, we have quite a few people in our team working as music curators, who are constantly digging for best music that will accompany your track and make it more and more memorable. Only actual and up-to-date music in the best playlists. Are you getting it? Promote, promote, and once again promote Amazon Prime playlist!

Choose US for effective Amazon playlist promotion!

             Now you have a question: “Why should I choose Promosoundgroup for organic Amazon Prime playlists promotion, instead of any other service from huge variety of Amazon playlist promotion services?” Easy – experience and approach. We have been promoting musicians since the beginning of Amazon Music, and were one of the first Amazon playlist promotion services. And wide range of options and ways of promotion, such as blogs, thematic groups and partnerships with music-streaming companies speak for itself!  Don’t hesitate, promote Amazon Prime playlist with us!

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