2020-05-01 by Kozak Normalniy

Just shout “Shazam” and turn yourself to music superhero!

Shazam is a free service for recognizing music and lyrics searching. Everyone now has Shazam, all musicians and music lovers. Shazam uses a track database of 11 million samples, which allows to accurately identify any music track. The Shazam audience totals millions of people with a wide variety of musical preferences. They regularly visit the service to listen to their favorite music and get acquainted with the latest releases. If your track will be on the top positions there, they will definitely notice it. Everyone will hear your song, therefore, with the help of Shazam, you can start making money on your work. Wanna know what is Shazam channel promotion?

What is the idea of Shazam?

Shazam is truly unique. This is not a simple app with many tracks, it can find and play the melody that is stuck in your head, you just have to sing it. However, it’s too superficial to see Shazam as a fun toy “guess the melody”. Everything is much more serious and complicated. So is Shazam necessary and what can it give you as musician?

When you open the application, the so-called “mix” first catches your eye. In other words, a recommendations page in which the order of content is formed by a ranking algorithm. Which means the possibility of using its mechanisms to promote tracks to the people. This time we will find out, how to promote Shazam channel, how Shazam channel promotion works and few money-related questions. Let’s roll!

What are main functions and how you can benefit from them?

Shazam's main ability is to identify music at the touch of a button. Get your phone, launch Shazam, and the application will tell you exactly what’s playing. After Apple bought Shazam, it became integrated into Apple Music, which makes it possible to browse the huge Apple Music library, and “Shazammed” tracks now are added automatically to your playlist. And the cross-platform function allows you to save it in your Apple Music and Spotify accounts.

Beyond that, the abundance of functions that cover the entire spectrum of the needs of the music lover makes the service more and more popular. For us, this means that it can be an excellent platform for expanding the audience of new listeners. Thus, the Shazam channel promotion is an indispensable component of a promotion strategy in the music world.

Shazam promotion? What? How?

As it was said, in Shazam there is a ranking mechanism that forms recommendations. And if you manage to affect it, your songs will appear higher in top chart. For a novice musician, the fact that people will open the mix page and see his track, will be much more pleasant and useful. All musical producers, label managers and scouts are browsing Shazam top in search of new musicians with potential. Higher you are in those tops - higher is the chance to become noticed by them and sign few interesting contracts. By the way, Shazam success means high Apple Music traffic and high royalties. So how does it work? Everything is like in other social networks.

How Shazam channel promotion works?

Shazam channel organic promotion means the process of improving the performance of an artist’s account or an individual track to the level that the ranking algorithm needs to bring the subject of promotion to the first positions in the top chart and recommendations. When your song enters the list of the most popular tracks among users, it will appear on the top lines of the chart, and your rating will begin to grow safely. Maybe you will be able to find your pace at some fancy musical concert or festival. Not bad for the start, right?

Where can I promote my Shazam channel?

For a beginner, independent Shazam promotion is an impossible task. Therefore, in order to avoid losing creative concentration and huge time savings, it is better to entrust the promotion of Shazam channel to professionals, to Promosoundgroup. If you feel that your music is capable of competing with world-famous hits, but don’t know how to promote it, you should use our service for Shazam channel promotion. We will tell everything how Shazam promotion works, what is Shazam channel promotion and how to perform it in the best way possible.

Shazam channel promotion is a legal opportunity to get famous among radio stations of the country and the world. Shazam's top chart is an authoritative source of new artists and songs for producers and their agents. How much does it cost to promote Shazam channel? Just read our website to find out, everything is customer-friendly. Really. Shazam promotion has never been so simple, straightforward, and cheap.

What parameters should you affect while promoting?

First thing to look at and to buy is shazams. The algorithm selects already popular profiles and compositions, ignoring young accounts and tracks with a small number of shazams. Therefore, in order to become popular and start making money on your work, you need to get more shazams of your track on Shazam. If you are ready to buy shazams, you can be sure that you will get real followers and traffic on your Apple Music account, who subscribe to your profile and listen to new songs after they shazammed the one of your songs or heard them from top chart of Shazam. The more shazams you have, the more your creativity is popular, the more you earn. Every day, famous DJs, music programs and artists select on the most popular and often listened tracks. All this opens up excellent prospects for career.

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