Spotify Ultimate Push | Track X 4 Playlists (1-2 Month)

360 €
180 € × = 180 €


Own streaming promotion in your genre of choice, with an easy and high-value Spotify promotion service.

We'll feature your track on a four large, globally popular Spotify playlists with growing followers. Mixed genres: General World Music, Hip Hop, EDM, Pop... Gain new followers, fame and streaming royalties by reaching your new excited audiences around the world.


Electronic Pop & Rock - 12,136 Followers 

Best Indie Choice 2018 - 4,158 Followers  

Secret Electronica  -  10,064 Followers 

Maximum - 3,238 Followers 

So total you will get 29k more followers coverage, you will get around 10k-20k plays monthly with guaranty.

We regularly pick the playlists that are most effective at any given moment, so if you're interested in learning more about our music genre Spotify and streaming promotion, get in touch through the website's contact form.

Delivery time: 6 days.

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