Top 1 on 12K Followers Electronic Pop/Rock Spotify Playlist

180 €
90 € × = 90 €


Buy top 1 on 12K Followers Electronic Pop&Rock genres Playlist Spotify playlist PUSH!

Got that one song you want to see rise and shine ASAP? Here's the perfect music promo package for you!

First off, get loads of streams, royalties and new followers on Spotify. We'll add your song to one of our premium Spotify playlists, for 1 month and get about 5k-10k high retention plays from Playlist directly total.

Then, get social and get noticed! We'll promote your playlist on different channels:

In the past, we've mostly delivered this promo pack for pop and rock songs, but since we're one of the leading electronic music promotion services out there, we can make magic happen for almost any genre. One month placement.

Delivery time: 3 days.

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