Small Label Push

180 €
90 € × = 90 €


There's a reason why we call these "plug-and-play" promotion packages. They do just that: you let us manage your music marketing in full confidence, focusing on other things vital to your business.

Here, you can plug some advanced EDM marketing and let the music play for a month!

This is the starter pack of our label online promotion service. Treat yourself to:

  • +2000 likes, natural grow for your Facebook Fan Page;
  • 750 contacts email list for top DJs for your label promo pools
  • 850 email contacts for Proton Radio DJs from all over the world;
  • 10,000 email contacts for music-loving subscribers to your music newsletter promotion;
  • 10% off for one Beatport promotion. Check them all out right here.

Ready for takeoff? Get a label monthly promotion pack today, or browse the full collection for larger packs targeting the most ambitiuos music labels out there.

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