10,000 Shazams + 10,000 Followers

2600 €
1300 € × = 1300 €


Ready to floor it on Shazam? Here's an all-inclusive promo pack that does just that.

Get natural, unique Shazam from ANY country or region in the world, and treat yourself to the same number of followers - again, real profiles from all over the planet. Grow your music audience on Shazam and increase your tracks' ratings.

This here is the extra-large pack, with 10,000 unique natural Shazams + 10,000 followers. "Natural" Shazams means just what you think: real people will actually shazam your music. That's the ultimate safe and organic Shazam promotion for you right there.

Order today, and don't forget to specifiy your country targeting options, if any. Otherwise, you'll get worldwide shazams from all over the place (which is also pretty fine when promotion and reputation-building online is concerned, by the way).

Delivery time: 12 days.

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