Instagram Blue Tick Verification

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Become a pro instagrammer! 

Time to sport that shiny verification badge on your Instagram profile, boosting your credibility online and gaining legions of new followers.

We'll verify your Instagram page with the "Verified Page" blue tick badge. This is a pro instagram verification social media marketing service for the music industry, most suitable for DJ, label, venue, music event, festival or band Twitter profiles. Become a verified Instagram profile and let fans find you more easily!

Since many of you guys keep asking, this is not a free service: the 0€/$ price means that this is a unique, customized order order that requires taking a look at your profile and doing some custom work.

Order today or ask for a quote by droping us a line at (link opens your email client with the subject already set for you).

Money back guarantee!

Delivery time: 7 days.