Push Track on 2x Deezer Playlist. 4 Months 24/7.

30 €
40 € × = 40 €


Here's yet another venue for you to completely smash music streaming promotion. Push one of your tracks on Deezer playlists and get 24/7 streaming for it, every day for four months. Get access to new listeners and promote your music all around the net!

With this Deezer promotion service, you get to push one track on ONE Deezer playlist curated by a verified premium account. Your track will stay there 4 months and be streamed every day - 24/7. A song in this playlist gets around 20-50 streams a day.

Within 5 days after your order & payment, we'll send you proof links of your track up there in the streaming cloud. Feel free to come back every day to see the stream count rise steadily!

Note that, since providing this service bears considerable costs for us, if your song is 6:00 minutes or longer you'll have to order it twice. Just order one additional product and let us know in the message section.

Delivery time: 5 days.