1x Music Blogs Post Push

40 €
20 € × = 20 €


Push your music story to a massive music blog readership. Get recognized by a vibrant audience of music lovers worldwide. We have been co-signed / followed / shared and retweeted by many recognized producers and musicians in all music genres!

Push ONE work or piece of news concerning your track, release, label, artist, festival, album. Your post can be about anything from promoting a new music video, song, upcoming album, to tour dates. Nothing is off limits or rejected!

For NO EXTRA COST, your posts can include Soundcloud embed players, embedded Youtube videos, images, and more. Your posts will NEVER be removed from the site and will stay visible and trackable by all search engines indefinitely, so people can find your music anytime. 

Delivery time: 6 days. (After delivery, we'll send proof links).


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