Twitter Music Promotion To 1,5 Million Target Fans

90 €
45 € × = 45 €


Tweet to 1,5 Million music loving Twitter followers of our very active network of Twitter accounts. Things go fast nowadays, which makes Twitter music promotion a must-have. We promote Emerging and Talented Unsigned / Signed Music Artists and Bands.

Promote on social your album, concert, new music, new video, your website, any music link, any genre. Link to any music portal - Soundcloud, Youtube, Reverbnation, Spotify, Amazon, mix cloud, tidal, Ratliff - you name it.

Will make post 2 times on our1,5 Million Followers social network. 

Our accounts have:
-Klout score 65+
-Huge number of music lovers, growing daily
-Almost all records label & brand agencies follow us
-1000´s of the premium and internationally recognized Music PRs
-One account was top3 social media influencer for Music Business World Conference MIDEM
-Real and Active followers in the accounts that can be audited on the internet (most 92%+ active Followers)
-Audiences are roughly (60% the US, 30% (UK, Canada, Europe, Australia) & rest of world

Proofs will be available after promo delivery.

Delivery time: 4 days.

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